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The transept itself is sometimes simply called the cross. The nave of a church with a cruciform plan usually extends toward the west from the crossing, the choir and sanctuary toward the east. The arms of the transept are then designated by direction, as north transept and south transept De Nieuwe Kerk possesses two organs: the main organ, which takes up the entire west wall, and a smaller one, which is known as the transept organ because of its location. In the seventeenth century, the presence of organs in a Protestant church was the subject of controversy Rotterdam - Laurenskerk, Transeptorgel, Marcussen & Son, 1959. The smaller and the older brother of the main rear gallery organ (which is available as a sample set for Hauptwerk as well) is located in the Transept of the same St. Laurentis church in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and it is a top example of the European organbuilding of the mid twentieth century, in the years following the 2nd World War Smaller organs in Oude Kerk. There are two less known organs in Oude Kerk: a so called the transept organ of the church which can be seen in the left nave, has been built in 1658 by Hans Wolff Schonat. As this smaller organ has been rarely used, the pipes from it were taken away in 1821, and used to build the Zuiderkerk organ

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The Oude Kerk boasts a long and illustrious organ tradition. There was already an organ that was installed at the west end of the nave - the tower wall - in the 15th century. A new instrument was built in 1539, the organ which was played by the famous composer Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck between 1577 and 1621 The history of the Hooglandse Kerk began when the bishop of Utrecht, Gwijde of Avesnes, granted permission on 20 December 1314 for the construction of a wooden chapel on the 'Hooge Land' (High Land) as an annex of the parish church of Leiderdorp. The chapel was dedicated to the sacred Pancratius († ca 300) Het kleine of transept orgel van de Oude Kerk te Amsterdam heeft twee luiken beschilderd met voorstellingen van muziekinstrumenten. Deze beschilderingen zijn gemaakt door Cornelis Brizé and waren in 1658 klaar bij de in gebruikname van het originele orgel Transept definition, any major transverse part of the body of a church, usually crossing the nave, at right angles, at the entrance to the choir. See more Define transept. transept synonyms, transept pronunciation, transept translation, English dictionary definition of transept. n. 1. The transverse part of a cruciform church, crossing the nave at right angles. 2. Either of the two lateral arms of such a part. tran·sep′tal adj

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The Oude Kerk is the oldest building in the city, probably established as a small wooden chapel in a settlement bordering the River Amstel. The IJ extended right up to the church, where sailors tied up and prayed for a safe return Transept is een ander woord voor dwarsschip. Een transept is dwars op het middenschip van een kerk geplaatst, waardoor er een kruisvorm (Grieks of Latijns) of een centraalbouw ontstaat. De plattegrond van een gotische kerk is kruisvormig. Het kruis bestaat uit een deel van het schip aan de ene.. The Grote Kerk (St. Laurenskerk) in Rotterdam was heavily damaged in 1940 and the rebuilding of the church took place between 1952 and 1968. The Transept organ, with 31 stops on Great, Rückpositive, Brustwerk and Pedal, was built in 1959 The former church at the corner of 12th and Elm streets in Over-the-Rhine is home to the neighborhood's newest event space, The Transept; a grand opening celebration is scheduled for Oct. 8, when the South Tap Room officially debuts De Hooglandse Kerk is een gotisch kerkgebouw in Leiden. Doordat het schip en de toren lager zijn dan het koor en het transept heeft de kerk een zeer karakteristiek silhouet. De Hooglandse Kerk is.

Media in category Hervormde Kerk Haastrecht The following 79 files are in this category, out of 79 total. Noord-transept kerk na de brand - Haastrecht. The small or transept organ of the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam has two blinds with paintings representing musical instruments. These paintings are made by Cornelis Brizé and were completed in 1658 at the time the original organ was ready

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  1. The transept was larger than it is now: the gutter lay at the height of separation of brickstone and sandstone, the ridge reached the foot of the clerestory cap. Between 1480 and 1495 the transept was raised, and so 'Jan with high shoulders' came into being. In 1892 vaulting was applied at the originally intended height
  2. The building has a quirky structure. The low nave does not match up with the high choir and transept. The reason is that, due to a series of misfortunes, the church was never completed. The Hooglandse kerk does have many special features, however, such as its big windows, Gothic decorations and the world's widest Gothic transept
  3. However, the view is generally faithful to the interior of the Oude Kerk as surveyed from the south aisle looking northeast. On the left is the north nave elevation and the unusually wide north aisle. The figures in the left background animate the north transept, which was added in 1512-25 to the nave and choir of about 1350-1450
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