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  1. UTM Grid Zones of the World compiled by Alan Morton There are 60 longitudinal projection zones numbered 1 to 60 starting at 180°W. Each of these zones is 6 degrees wide, apart from a few exceptions around Norway and Svalbard
  2. Universal Transverse Mercator is a projected coordinate system, which is a type of plane rectangular coordinate system (also called Cartesian coordinate system). In the two-dimensional surface, two straight lines intersect each other at right angles
  3. The world's 60 UTM zones. The UTM coordinate system divides the earth into 60 zones each 6 degrees of longitude wide. These zones define the reference point for UTM grid coordinates within the zone. UTM zones extend from a latitude of 80° S to 84° N. In the polar regions the Universal Polar Stereographic (UPS) grid system is used
  4. Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinate system is a standard set of map projections with a central meridian for each six-degree wide UTM zone. The transverse Mercator map projection is an adaptation of the standard Mercator projection which flips the cylinder 90 degrees (transverse)
  5. Click on the map or use the Geolocate button to find out which UTM zone you are in

The Universal Transverse Mercator Grid The National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) (formerly the Defense Mapping Agency) adopted a special grid for military use throughout the world called the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid. In this grid, the world is divided into 60 north-south zones, each covering a strip 6° wide in longitude This is an effective and fast online Lat Long to UTM converter.It can be used to make the stated conversions at any time and any place. Type the latitude and longitude values to convert from lat long coordinate system into UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) coordinate system wy wi wv wa va ut tx tn sd sc pa or ok oh nd nc ny nm nv ne mt mo ms mn mi me la ky ks ia il in id ga fl ca co az ar ak al nh vt ma ri md nj ct dc ok mo in hi ca ar.

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The Yellowstone National Park Research Coordination Network is a collaboration of scientists and NPS staff to develop a coordinated research network focused on geothermal biology and geochemistry WGS 84 / UTM zone 36N uses the WGS 84 geographic 2D CRS as its base CRS and the UTM zone 36N (Transverse Mercator) as its projection. WGS 84 / UTM zone 36N is a CRS for Large and medium scale topographic mapping and engineering survey. In Moldova used with axes reversed - use CRS code 4038 OVERVIEW----UTM coordinates are based on a family of 120 Transverse Mercator map projections (two for each UTM zone, with one for each N/S hemisphere).The earth is divided into 60 zones, each 6° wide in longitude (with the exception of a few non-standard-width zones for Svalbard and southwest of Norway)

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s s d r n h n s utm zone 13 102o state of texas utm zones dallam sherman hansford ochiltree lipscomb hartley moore hutchinson roberts hemphil UTM Zone Frequently-asked questions: What does this data set describe? How should this data set be cited? What geographic area does the data set cover? What does it look like? Does the data set describe conditions during a particular time period? What is the general form of this data set? How does the data set represent geographic features UTM Grid Zones of the World compiled by Alan Morton (www.dmap.co.uk Arizona Mountain Ranges, UTM Table, Revised September18, 2012. The Mountain Ranges are listed in alphabetical order. Mountain Range = The name of the mountain range Navigation using UTM, GPS and Compass. We need to know where we are located. We need to be able to communicate that to others. The reasons for this are obvious: so we can direct others to a location or be directed to wher

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Native dataset environment: These data are maintained by the State of Connecticut using ArcGIS software developed by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) in a Microsoft Windows operating system environment A Quick Guide to Using UTM Coordinates. Standing at the center of the marker shown on the map below, a GPS unit set to display position in UTM/UPS format, would report a location of: Let's look at where the various parts of the UTM position come from on the map. The map has grid lines spaced every kilometer or 1000 meters

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Startpunktet for alle UTM zoner er skæringslinien mellem ækvator og zonens centrale meridian. For at undgå brugen af negative numre er den centrale meridian i hver zone givet en falsk østlig afstand på 500.000 meter (500 km), således vil alt der ligger vest for den centrale meredian have en østlig afstand på mindre end 500.000 meter EPSG Projection 32630 - WGS 84 / UTM zone 30N Home | Upload Your Own | List user-contributed references | List all.

EPSG:32633. WGS 84 / UTM zone 33N . WGS84 Bounds: 12.0000, 0.0000, 18.0000, 84.0000 ; Projected Bounds: 166021.4431, 0.0000, 833978.5569, 9329005.1825; Scope: Large. NAD83 / UTM zone 11N is a CRS for Large and medium scale topographic mapping and engineering survey. Replaces NAD27 / UTM zone 11N. For accuracies better than 1m replaced by NAD83(CSRS) / UTM zone 11N in Canada and NAD83(HARN) / UTM zone 11N in US

UTM Zone 18S UTM Zone 17S 18STH38286229 217 Chandler St. West Culpeper, VA 17SQC617623 601 Blue Ridge Ave. S. Culpeper, VA If you were to walk east and west along Chandler Street with a GPS receiver, crossing the 78°West meridian, you would see the Grid Zone Designation change automatically between 17S and 18S UTM Zones for USA Contiguous States. UTM Zones for USA Contiguous States. 16,873 view In the far north, where zones are narrow, medium- and small-scale maps may show parts of more than one zone. The important feature of the Universal Transverse Mercator Projection is that the zones are standard and readily identifiable, so that an area may easily be designated as lying within a specific zone Part or all of this report is presented in Portable Document Format (PDF). For best results viewing and printing PDF documents, it is recommended that you download the documents to your computer and open them with Adobe Reader MapTiler is Desktop app designed to turn large raster datasets into zoomable maps for your website. MapTiler use EPSG.IO database and has support for any coordinate system

The Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system consists of 60 zones, each of which is defined by a unique point of origin, false easting, and Transverse Mercator projection centered over a specific central meridian with a scale factor of 0.9996 The UTM coordinate system (which is the subject of this article) is a system by which locations can be specified on the globe. It uses map projections GTM - Finding a UTM Zone Number Easily The vast majority of the order polygons we are sent and then the data we deliver here at Apollo Mapping is in a projected coordinate system such as Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Therefore, Denver, Colorado, is in UTM Zone 13. As you notice a Universal Transverse Mercator zone embraces a much larger portion of the earth than does a state plane coordinate zone. When you get a larger bite, a larger portion of the earth, the scale factor is less attractive A UTM code is a simple code that you can attach to a custom URL in order to track a source, medium, and campaign name. This enables Google Analytics to tell you where searchers came from as well as what campaign directed them to you utm zone 13 state of texas . dallam sherman hansford ochiltree lipscomb . state plane zones . state plane zone 1. hartley moore hutchinson roberts hemphill . zone 5326. utm zones . fips 4201. oldham potter carson gray wheeler tx-north. deaf smith randall armstrong donley parmer castro swisher briscoe hall utm zone 14 . hardeman 90. o . utm zone 1

UTM Zones in Google Earth June 21, 2008 / in Cartography , GIS , Other , Resources / by Ted MacKinnon Here is a neat little Google Earth file that has often been helpful on many of my field trips when I needed to know what UTM zone I was working in The UTM coordinate system provides scale distortions of less than 4 parts in 10,000 inside any zone. UTM zone 18 extended to cover All of New York provides a maximum scale distortion of 15 parts in 10,000 (or a scale factor of 1.0015) Section B: Map Coordinate System March, 1998 Page 2 III. DATUM CONVERSION PROCEDURES Procedures exist to convert from NAD 1927 to NAD 1983 and vice versa. NAD 83 is the official civilian horizontal datum for U.S. surveying and mapping activities performed or financed by the Federal government. All Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) data uses. Organic; Programs Farm Bill; Landscape Initiatives; Financial Assistance; Technical Assistance; Easements; Landscape Planning; Alphabetical Listing & Archiv UTM ZONE 15 STATE PLANE PROJECTIONS with specific county boundaries. Zone boundaries are coincident Conic Conformal Projections. The three zones are Lambert UTM PROJECTIONS denoted as Zone 15E. the entire state and is then is usually extended to cover In Minnesota, UTM Zone 15 N. Dakota S. Dakota UTM ZONE 1

Hi Neil, Thanks for your concern. Actually the question is a part of an assignment. I have tried everything I knew and now finally turned to online forums for help. The coordinate system of data frame doesn't matter, all I need to know is the UTM zone of Aerial Photo layer Distribution_Information: Distributor: Contact_Information: Contact_Organization_Primary: Contact_Organization: Information Office, Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS), a division of the Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability (INRS) of the University of Illinoi Overview of Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS) in R Coordinate reference systems CRS provide a standardized way of describing locations. Many different CRS are used to describe geographic data. The CRS that is chosen depends on when the data was collected, the geographic extent of the data, the purpose of the data, etc

The solutions and answers provided on Experts Exchange have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years. I wear a lot of hats - Developer, Database Administrator, Help Desk, etc., so I know a lot of things but not a lot about one thing The spatial reference box that pops up has a folder (under projected coordinate systems of course) for UTM and within that folder are many more, but I am interested in NAD83 and North America. The former (NAD83 folder) has just NAD 1983 UTM Zone x listed and the latter (North America) has NAD1983 (2011) UTM Zone x Here is Wikipedia's description of how longitude relates to UTM Zone number: The UTM system divides the surface of Earth between 80°S and 84°N latitude into 60 zones, each 6° of longitude in width. Zone 1 covers longitude 180° to 174° W; zone numbering increases eastward to zone 60 that covers longitude 174 to 180 East

The Universal Transverse Mercator system of projections deals with this by defining 60 different standard projections, each one of which is a different Transverse Mercator projection that is slightly rotated to use a different meridian as the central line of tangency. Each different centerline defines a UTM Zone. The UTM Zone is a shorthand. UTM Zone 11N, 484,617 meters east, 3,769,192 meters north . Where is the coordinate system origin? The natural origin of a UTM zone is the intersection of its central meridian with the equator, but this origin would assign negative coordinates to some locations. To avoid this, false easting and northing values are applied UTM Zone 11 (prj) ARC/INFO Macro (AML) to project all data sets in a workspace For more information about the selection of Oregon Lambert as the State standard, see the Oregon Lambert web page Summary. Calculates a UTM zone of each feature based on the center point and stores this spatial reference string in a specified field. This field can be used in conjunction with Map Series to update the spatial reference to the correct UTM zone for each map

Check Location. Select a coordinate format, enter a pair of coordinates in the boxes below it, and then press the SUBMIT button. Please be patient while your information is retrieved Please reference the following documents for data conventions at University Lands: Naming Conventions for GIS Data; UL Lease Data Dictionar UTM Coordinate System Zones - Web Services rest 14 views Esri REST with links to JSON, WMS, WFS, KML Link is ok Openness score. Visit page . UTM.

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Returns the UTM zone designation as a character vector. zone = utmzone(lat,long) returns the UTM zone containing the geographic coordinates. If lat and long are vectors, the zone containing the geographic mean of the data set is returned. The geographic coordinates must be in units of degrees. zone = utmzone(mat), where mat is of the form [lat. EPSG:32613 Projected coordinate system for Between 108°W and 102°W, northern hemisphere between equator and 84°N, onshore and offshore. Canada - Northwest Territories (NWT); Nunavut; Saskatchewan The Universal Transverse Mercator System. The Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) system organizes the world into a regular nonoverlapping coordinate grid of quadrangles, called zones. Create a UTM Map. This example shows how to create a UTM map that displays a single zone, in a 8-by-6 degree map window

Download this County/SPC/UTM Zone Data in MS Excel State Plane Zone Map FGDC Compliant Metadata NOTE: FIPSZONE NUMBERS ARE APPROPRIATE FOR BOTH NAD27 AND NAD83, UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE. ADSZONE NUMBERS APPLY TO BOTH NAD27 AND NAD83 SYSTEMS, EXCEPT FOR MONTANA, NEBRASKA AND SOUTH CAROLINA WHICH LACK REFERENCE FOR THE NEW ZONES CREATED FOR NAD8 1 UTM Uniform strips Scalable coordinates UTM Globally consistent, most popular projection/coordinate system for regional to global scale geospatial data (i.e. satellite images global scale datasets USGS/EDC World UTM Zones represents the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) zones of the world. A brief summary of the item is not available. Add a brief summary about the item

1. Enter the GPS coordinate and the desired datum in one of the columns above 2. Select the hemisphere, if you want to convert Lat/Long values into UTM 3. In case of datum transformation, select the desired datum in the target column(s) 4. Press the convert butto This utility finds Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) zone and its central meridian for a given geographic coordinate. It takes into account existance of non-standard UTM zones which are used in North Atlantic regions and Norway The implementation of your products (UTMs/Safety Gear) have lifted our training to a whole new level. Based on the material and lessons learned in the CQB and Tactics Instructor Course taught by Phoenix RBT Solutions, we were able to reduce classroom lessons by 36 hours and add that time in for better hands on training Texas Osage Ellis Beaver Kay Cimarron Caddo Le Flore Woods McCurtain Grant Grady Major Atoka Kiowa Creek Bryan Pittsburg Harper Custer Blaine Dewey Alfalfa Craig. Cylindrical projection. See the Transverse Mercator projection for the methodology. Learn about the Transverse Mercator projection. Lines of contact. Two lines parallel to and approximately 180 km to each side of the central meridian of the UTM zone. Linear graticules. The central meridian and the equator. Properties. Shape Conformal

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United States Stateplane Zones - NAD83 Metadata Updated: August 11, 2016 U.S. State Plane Zones (NAD 1983) represents the State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS) Zones for the 1983 North American Datum within United States Each UTM zone spans 164 degrees of latitude and six degrees of longitude. Which type of coordinate system is the Public Land Survey System? A locational reference system Universal Tranverse Mercator Grid Produced by the Dept. of Geography College of Arts and Sciences The University of Alabama 3,850,000 M 3,800,000 Lon/Lat: Longitude: d m s Latitude: d m s DD: Datum: NAD27 NAD83 UTM: Coordinates: E N Datum: NAD27 NAD83 Zone What file format are you looking for? Its fairly simple to implement a LL -> UTM Zone algorithm, which can be used to generate the zones based on location, depending on how you want it displayed. - Sasa Ivetic Mar 21 '11 at 19:5

Vehicle Navigation Systems and GPS units may provide inaccurate information, sending drivers the wrong way on one-way roads, leading them to dead ends in remote areas, or sending them on roads which are closed at certain times of year. Make sure to use official park maps to navigate Yellowstone. Each UTM zone is setup as an ArcInfo workspace. The projection for all data on this CD is UTM using the North American Datum 1983 (NAD83) and the Geodetic Reference System 80 (GRS80). For complete information regarding the projection parameters, refer to the Nebraska Elevation Dataset Metadata document I have a .csv file of 9,000+ UTM coordinates that I would like to convert into decimal degrees and I am having a bit of trouble. I have searched through several of the posts that have been posted h..

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Polygon shapefile in UTM zone 18, meters, NAD 83. 4. Adirondack Park Land Classification Data Set Details: Adirondack Park Land Use and Development Plan Map and State Land Master Plan Map (APLUDP/SLMP) pursuant to Sections 805 and 816 of the Adirondack Park Agency Act, Article 27 of the Executive Law Water Rights - Interactive Maps and GIS Tools 0 ×.

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Gmap4 (2009 - 2018) Thank you everyone who had a kind word to say about Gmap4 since I launched it in 2009. Gmap4 had a good run. However due to policy changes at Google, Gmap4 is shutting down for most users as of this evening, July 15, 2018 Thus in UTM zone 38n, the square area with easting in [444 km, 445 km) and northing in [3688 km, 3689 km) corresponds to the MGRS square 38SMB4488 (at 1 km precision). When an MGRS coordinate is read, it is treated as the center of the grid square The Universal Transverse Mercator Coordinate (UTM) system provides coordinates on a world wide flat grid for easy computation. The Universal Transverse Mercator Coordinate system divides the World into 60 zones, each being 6 degrees longitude wide, and extending from 80 degrees south latitude to 84 degrees north latitud The UTM coordinates (measures of distance) are arranged so they always read from left-to-right and from bottom-to-top. This is done as follows. In the northern hemisphere the origin, or zero point, of the horizontal lines is at the equator, while in the southern hemisphere the origin is at the south pole

- Grid lines are identified by Principal Digits. Ignore the small superscript numbers like those in the lower left corner of this map. Reading US National Grid (USNG) Coordinates: Read right, then up A Quick Guide to Using UTM Coordinates Standing at the road junction marked with the star on the topographic map pictured above, a GPS unit set to display position in UTM coordinates, would report a location of: 10 S 0559741 4282182 The 10 S represents the zone you are in. The zone is necessary to make the coordinates unique over the entire globe Summary. Calculates a UTM zone of each feature based on the center point and stores this spatial reference string in a specified field. This field can be used in conjunction with Data Driven Pages to update the spatial reference to the correct UTM zone for each map Hawaii Coordinate Systems Datums and Projections Commonly Used in Hawaii Questions? Contact Royce Jones (rjones@esri.com) or Craig Clouet (cclouet@esri.com) <revised 4-2013> Kauai County State Plane Zone 4 City & County of Honolulu State Plane Zone 3 Maui County State Plane Zone 2 Hawaii County State Plane Zone 1 UTM Zone 4 UTM Zone 5 Additional 1 deg DEM maps are available for this county:: NAME: HALF: MIN LONG: MAX LONG: MIN LAT: MAX LA

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UTM_ZONE NUMBER(2) Yes UTM_ZONE A geographic reference zone within the province. The Earth is divided into 60 UTM zones running west to east from the Central Median in 6 degree longitudinal strips extending from 80 degrees South latitude to 84 degrees North latitude. In Ontario the 4 zones are 15, 16, 17 and 18. VALID VALUES: 15, 16, 17, 1 A UTM zone is not appropriate when your area of interest spans several zones like that. The further away from the zone you pick, the more distortion there will be. You actually want a projection designed to cover that area (and I can't suggest one which is why this is a comment and not an answer - we do have some experts who may respond, or I.

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Most geographic information systems (GIS) relate information in two-dimensional space by using Cartesian coordinates. Choosing the right coordinate system and mapping projection for a given geographic area is important for consistent accuracy and efficiency in GIS-function computations, data processing, storage, and so forth The Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) is an extension of the UTM system. UTM zone number and zone character are used to identify an area 6 degrees in east-west extent and 8 degrees in north-south extent

Us Utm Zone Map Ozark Plateau Map | Travel Maps And Major Tourist Us Utm Zone Map. Nga: (U) The Universal Grid System (Unclassified) Us Utm Zone Map. Utm Zones Us Utm Zone Map. Utm: Projection Zone Grid Coordinates Us Utm Zone Map. How Universal Transverse Mercator (Utm) Works Gis Geography Us Utm Zone Map 1. Conversions between NAD27 and NAD83. This converts between NAD27 and NAD83(1986) using the NADCON transformation. Newer realizations of NAD83, such as NAD83(CORS96) and NAD83(2011) can differ from NAD83(1986) by a meter or so Each UTM zone is regarded as an individual Cartesian Coordinate System. The origin for each UTM zone is the intersection of the equator with the corresponding central meridian. The easting of the central meridian is shifted by 500.000 meters, in order to obtain exclusively positive values UTM Coordinates Grid on Google Maps To see the best quality topographic maps, please change the base map to t4 Topo High for the USA, t5 Canada or t8 Topo OSM Cycle for everywhere else. You have to zoom in before the topo lines and UTM grid appears The syntax is utm.to_latlon(EASTING, NORTHING, ZONE NUMBER, ZONE LETTER). The return has the form (LATITUDE, LONGITUDE) . Since the zone letter is not strictly needed for the conversion you may also the northern parameter instead, which is a named parameter and can be set to either True or False NGA Data: UTM zone descriptions and data - A good overview of UTM Zones from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). This page explains how UTM zones are the basis for MGRS Grids. UTM Zone shapefiles area available for download and links to 100km grid download available (also listed below)