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Mountains Episode 2. In this episode we climb high into the world's great mountain ranges. Only a few pioneering animals have what it takes to survive up here, they are amongst the most elusive and mysterious on the planet This sequel to the award-winning nature series Blue Planet dives beneath Earth's oceans to reveal the dazzling vistas and amazing creatures there. Watch trailers & learn more Experience our planet's natural beauty and examine how climate change impacts all living creatures in this ambitious documentary of spectacular scope. Watch trailers & learn more An exoplanet (/ ˈ ɛ k s oʊ p l æ n ɪ t /) or extrasolar planet is a planet outside the Solar System.The first evidence of an exoplanet was noted in 1917, but was not recognized as such planet texture maps . I work in the field of advertising. One day I needed an image map of our planet for use in a rendering for a printed piece, and was suprised to discover that such a thing was pretty hard to find

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One of many great free stock photos from Pexels. This photo is about south america, universe, worl Monitor your home from your gadget Anytime Anywhere. Melalui kecanggihan teknologi dan digital, semua hal dapat terkendali dengan mudahnya. Salah satu inovasi terbaru dari First Media adalah teknologi Smart Living yang menawarkan kemudahan untuk memantau tempat tinggal Anda hanya melalui perangkat mobile Anda di manapun dan kapanpun

Microsoft included a copy of Planet Earth 2, a documentary I assumed was about the sequel to the planet we live on but is actually about regular old Earth 1 Real 4K or Fake 4K complete list of Ultra-HD (UHD) Blu-ray films and TV series, and whether they are true 4K (2160p) or mastered in 2K then upscaled. Real vs Fake Ultra-HD 4K, Native 4K Vs Upscaled 4K

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  1. mars texture map . I have been able to obtain very high resolution MOLA (Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter) MEDGRs (Mission Experiment Gridded Data Records) — gotta love those NASA acronymns — and I have used those to create a new set of Mars maps
  2. NetflixBeauty and tragedy are intertwined in Our Planet, never more so than during its second episode Frozen Worlds, in which thousands of walruses take up residence on Russia's northeastern coastal beaches due to the fact that their natural habitat, the frozen sea ice, has contracted
  3. An artist's illustration of asteroid Apophis near Earth. The asteroid will fly extremely close to Earth in 2029, and then again in 2036, but poses no threat of hitting the planet either time
  4. Sorry 4K lovers. Hulu has quietly dropped support for 4K on all of its devices. There's been no official announcement. Hulu's 4K page listing is still live, and the company hasn't issued a.
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  6. Planet Earth 2 in 4K HDR: How to watch David Attenborough's Planet Earth II series in 4K Ultra HD on BBC iPlayer online. You can now watch an excerpt from David Attenborough's new Planet Earth.

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Wildlife fans rejoice, you can now watch Planet Earth 2 in full 4K Ultra HD resolution on BBC iPlayer. You'll need the right TV, though, so here's how to do it When the original Planet Earth series debuted on television, the stunning visuals were more than a little amazing. Now that newer UHD TVs have come down in price and permeated the market, people are asking where to watch Planet Earth II in 4K Planet Earth II was filmed entirely in 4K resolution (2160p), using smaller and remote cameras, with aerial drones and state-of-the-art image stabilization. But while it was recently broadcast in 4K, both in the U.K. and the U.S., the audience able to see it that way is still relatively limited

Planet Earth II on 4K Blu-ray. David Vaughn | Aug 1, 2017 Picture Much like the original Planet Earth on Blu-ray, Planet Earth II is the must-have set to show off your 4K system. Most of the footage is shot with native 4K cameras with HDR encoding, which leads to a level of detail and jaw. Amazon is offering the BBC's Planet Earth II & Blue Planet II Combo 4K Ultra HD (Blu-ray) for a low $19.99 .This retails for $50 so you save 50% off. If you really want to help the earth, consider streaming it on Prime Video for $19.99 instead of having it shipped to your house.. Narrated by David Attenborough Like it or not I'm going to start this 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray review of Planet Earth II off by admitting I'm not generally a fan of documentaries. Unless the subject matter really interests me I tend to find them boring and rather uninteresting Planet Earth 2 starring everyone's favourite nature guru David Attenborough was the BBC's first 4K show, broadcast to our tellies in glorious Ultra HD in 2016. And now in 2017, you can still.


  1. g guide. But what if I don't have the channels airing Planet Earth II? If you don't subscribe to BBCA in your current DISH program
  2. The whole point of BBC's Planet Earth II was that the entire program was shot in native 4k with the latest digital cameras. It will have consistent quality throughout whereas the original PE had a mix of various camera qualities; not all of them even HD grade
  3. The first trailer was released on 9 October 2016, and the series premiered on 6 November 2016 in the United Kingdom on BBC One and BBC One HD. Planet Earth II is the first television series produced by the BBC in Ultra-high-definition (4K). A sequel titled Planet Earth III is currently announced and planned to air in 2022
  4. From spellbinding wildlife spectacle to intimate encounters, Planet Earth II takes you closer than ever before. Watch preview. Own it today on Digital HD. Own it today on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD. Episodes. Islands Episode 1

Planet Earth II 2016 TV-G 1 Season Docuseries In this sequel to the Emmy-winning Planet Earth series, viewers are treated to rich and intimate views of the natural diversity of our planet Zavvi.com has Planet Earth II (4K UHD + Blu-ray) on sale for $25.45 - $2.55 w/ discount code WELCOME (New Customers Only) = $22.90. Shipping is $2.99. Thanks persian_mafi A small handful of BBC iPlayer users can now watch some of Planet Earth II in glorious HDR 4K. BBC rolled out the option this week on December 8. Currently if you have a compatible connected TV. What about a Planet Earth II Ultra HD Blu-ray? The DVD and Blu-ray releases are available for pre-order and set for release on 5th December - but there's no sign of a 4K disc version. So for now, we won't be able to feast our eyes on the full Ultra HD Planet Earth II experience. Lucky it looks so good in HD, then

Beautiful wildlife documentary Planet Earth 2 is coming to convince you to make the jump to 4K. Call me a biased Brit, but the BBC's wildlife documentaries have always been some of the most. RedShark Replay: Eagle-eyed observers of the BBC's latest natural history opus, Planet Earth II, will have noticed some non-4K kit being used in the 'making of' segments. So, was it shot in 4K or wasn't it? Have you seen Planet Earth II yet? If you have, unless you were part of the team that. With David Attenborough. David Attenborough returns in this breathtaking documentary showcasing life on Planet Earth BBC Worldwide decided that Planet Earth II would be its first 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray release and for good reason. It was originally shot and rendered in 4K so it should look stunning in the native. The BBC has begun a trial of 4K high dynamic range (HDR) video on its iPlayer streaming platform. The test involves four minutes of footage from its Planet Earth II series, which promise to reveal.

Planet Earth II was filmed digitally using various 4K cameras and was finished using a 4K Digital Intermediate (DI), which presumably formed the basis for this Ultra HD Blu-ray release. The series is presented at a resolution of 3840 x 2160p and in its correct 1.78:1 aspect ratio, the discs use 10-bit video depth, a Wider Colour Gamut (WCG) and High Dynamic Range (HDR), and are encoded using. Planet Earth II 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Ten years ago, the BBC documentary series Planet Earth hit Blu-ray, and for the longest time served as one of the default demo Blu-ray discs for lounge and. Enter Planet Earth II, the insanely beautiful nature series narrated by the legendary David Attenborough.After screening for the last six weeks on BBC America, Planet Earth II arrived on 4K Blu. Digital Media Dish will let you watch 'Planet Earth II' in 4K. If you're a Dish customer with an Ultra HD TV, you can catch the nature series on a 4K channel

For Sale - Planet Earth2 and Blue Planet 2 For Sale - Planet Earth2 and Blue Planet 2 I could offer a little more than in above i.e. £30 for your set to help with postage? Otherwise I might just get Planet Earth 2 for £15.99 brand new delivered from 365 games and wait for some deal on Blue Planet, but would prefer a full set at once 4k UHD Trial of Planet Earth II in HDR. BBC News - BBC tests 4K Planet Earth II in HDR on iPlayer. BBC R&D - 2016 in Review - High Dynamic Range. BBC R&D - A Major Milestone for HDR TV DIRECTV will show the six-part BBC documentary series, Planet Earth II, in 4K later this month, the satcaster has announced at its web site. Planet Earth II, a follow-up to the critically-acclaimed 2006 documentary Planet Earth, first aired in Great Britain last November. The nature series, which is narrated by actor Sir David Attenborough, examines the mysterious connection between animal and. Planet Earth II AND Blue Planet II 4K UltraHD Blu-ray Combo Collection Only $36.09 Shipped + More Nov 25, 2018 @ 10:30 AM MDT Hip2Save may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post Although Planet Earth II aired in the U.S. earlier this year, the 4K UHD presentation is the first time the show will be viewable in the way it was intended, with its astonishing spectrum of.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Planet Earth II [4k UHD + Blu-ray] at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users Buy Planet Earth II (4k UHD Blu-ray + Blu-ray) DVD, Blu-ray online at lowest price in India at Amazon.in. Free delivery on qualified orders. Check out Planet Earth II (4k UHD Blu-ray + Blu-ray) reviews, ratings, browse wide selection of blu-ray, DVDs and shop online at Amazon.i Planet Earth II (2016) R1 4K UHD Cover & Labels ready to download and print. DVDCover.Com your no.1 source for dvd covers, blu-ray covers & 4k uhd cover art

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Due to the new technology available, such as the 4K/ULTRA HD video & sound format and also thanks to the newest filming equipment and procedures of capturing videos and photos such as the drone-filming, Planet Earth II is far more better than the first Planet Earth Buy Planet Earth II on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen using Chromecast Blue Planet II is a 2017 British nature documentary series on marine life produced by the BBC Natural History Unit.Like its predecessor, The Blue Planet (2001), it is narrated and presented by naturalist Sir David Attenborough, while the main music score was composed by Hans Zimmer. The series was debuted on 29 October 2017 and was simulcast on BBC One, BBC One HD and BBC Earth, making it the. PLANET EARTH 2 II : NEW 4K Ultra HD - UHD Blu-Ray (David Attenborough) - $22.70. SuperStarMedia is an ONLINE DVD & Blu-Ray STORE located in Sydney NSW, with a HUGE Range of Movies, TV Series, Documentary and many other interests on DVD & Blu-Ray - We Ship Worldwide SHIPPINGWe use Australia Post as our carrier for both domestic and international orders

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BBC's Planet Earth II takes a leap forward, with extraordinary programming (300 minutes of it), all shot, and posted in 4k, and taken to 4k Blu-ray with UHD that actually sets a standard in both content as well as execution. In addition, we're given a 54-minute making of, that like it's counterpart, is of extraordinary quality BBC offers Planet Earth 2 in full UHD 4K HDR with extra tentacles. that it will be made available in 4K HDR on a 4-minute clip selection of Planet Earth 2 was offered on. On Saturday, AT&T will take you there with a live 4K UHD broadcast of Planet Earth II on DIRECTV. The 6-part sequel to the acclaimed BBC nature documentary series, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, premieres in the U.S. on BBC America. It will be simulcast in 4K UHD and HD on DIRECTV Though later it was re-relased and the 4K HDR version is out too.. Would be great if you could find that to encode the proper 1080p 10bit versions like you have been doing for Blue Planet II. Same goes for Frozen Planet (although I couldn't find a good source anywhere so, i should just give up on that series

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  1. Planet Earth II is an immersive exploration of the jungles, mountains, deserts, islands, grasslands and cities of the world. Journey to the four corners of the globe to discover the extreme forces that shape life in each of these iconic landscapes and experience the world from the viewpoint of animals themselves
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  3. One of the most epic documentary series ever created, BBC Earth's Planet Earth II, is now available to stream on Netflix in the United States. Debuting in November 2016, this six-episode.
  4. Planet Earth II (PLANETA TIERRA II - 4K UHD + BLU RAY -, Importé d'Espagne, langues sur les détails) Blu-ray CDN$ 110.03 CDN$ 110. 03. FREE Shipping. Only 1 left in stock. Vileda Multi-Use No Scratch Scrunge Scrub Sponge (Pack of 4
  5. g technology and our understanding of the natural world mean we can reveal our planet from a completely new perspective
  6. Watch the Wild New Ultra HD Trailer for 'Planet Earth II' Sure to transfix the hazy heads of stoners everywhere, Planet Earth II now has an official trailer packed with h/t 4k.com Tags.

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  1. From spellbinding wildlife spectacle to intimate encounters, Planet Earth II takes you closer than ever before. Watch preview. Own it today on Digital HD. Own it today on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD. Episodes. Islands Episode 1
  2. Planet Earth II 2016 TV-G 1 Season Docuseries In this sequel to the Emmy-winning Planet Earth series, viewers are treated to rich and intimate views of the natural diversity of our planet
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